ADA Act Statement

The Computer Works of Arkansas (TCW) is committed to making our website accessible to all viewers. Our goal is to promote accessibility, diversity, and inclusion for all. We want to provide an accessible website that conforms to World Wide Web Consortium’s Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We constantly develop new ideas and are making our best effort to enhance the accessibility of our website. Please be advised that our efforts are ongoing as we continue to improve our website. We recognize that not all pages may be ADA compliant at this time but be assured we are working on it. We welcome comments on how to improve the site’s accessibility for all of our visitors.

If you have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of any particular page, please contact us. In the event a page is not accessible to you, we will work to make a text version of the content available. We would be happy to assist in getting you information in a format you can utilize.


Contact information


phone: 501-329-9144

phone hours: 7 days a week 8am to 11pm