voip Service

*All pricing based on 36-month agreement

**Prices do not include taxes and additional fees

***Standard phone system includes 1,500 minutes/month (Additional minutes charged at $.03 per minute)



$35/month per line

Cabling Per Line             $3/month

Soft Phone Per User      $3/month

Analog Converter           $3.50/month

Additional DID                $5/month

800 Number                    $7.50/month

Conference Bridging     $7.50/month 

Auto Attendant              $10/month

PBX Redundancy            $20/month



  • Caller I.D.

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Transfer

  • Voicemail​

  • Call Park 

  • 3-way Conferencing 

  • Extension Dialing 

  • Music on Hold ​

  • Do Not Disturb 

  • Intercom Announcements

  • Call Continuity 

  • Free Long Distance
    (U.S. & Canada) 

  • Call Mobility 

  • Voicemail to Email 

  • Office Phone to Cell ​

  • Ring Groups